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The internship of Lucie

Hi everybody,
I am Lucie, a French student in foreign languages and more specifically English and Chinese.
This year I had to find an internship in order to put in application what I had learnt so far.
I wanted to do it in a foreign country and in the tourism sector.
Agriturismo Campo Rosso was the perfect enterprise to do it and it was a great experience even though I had to work from France. So here I am at the end of my internship!

I wanted to explain and share with you what I did throughout this month.
First of all, I wish to thank Katia who welcomed me despite the sanitary crisis, I know she had a lot to do but still, she accepted to let me enter her world and discover it.
Working for Agriturismo Campo Rosso was a real pleasure.
In the enterprise, my missions were to translate the website in English and French, write posts on social medias in both languages, create numeric books and record podcasts.
I learnt a lot for it was my first translation work experience and I discovered new numeric tools such as Flipbook and Workplace.
Thanks to Facebook’s statistics, I could see what effects my work had on the enterprise’s visibility and it was rewarding!
All went very well and today I am glad I didn’t cancel this chance to work for this agritourism farm because of the sanitary crisis.
My only regret is that I couldn’t come to Italia to have a real insight of the enterprise, its organization and to meet people that share the love of nature.
Even though I received some picture of this wonderful place, I hope I’ll be able to visit it and see it from my own eyes one day.
Once again, I thank Katia for her time and kindness, and I thank you that followed our adventure on social medias!
Goodbye everybody! I hope that during the previous month I gave you the desire to come and spend great days at Agriturismo Campo Rosso!